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Sanjay Sharma from Rikhi Ram: Indian musical instruments repair workshop

Last weekend, Sanjay Sharma from Rikhi Ram hold a repair workshop at my home in Medford.

This was a very succesfull opportunity to have our musical instruments fixed by a multi generation experienced luthier. I have learnt so much watching Sanjay work and he was very gracious answering my constant flow of questions regarding repairs. It was a treat spending three days together, share our meals, drink wine, laugh and talk about our shared passion.

A flock of musicians stopped by to have their instruments fixed and I met a lot of people coming in and out.

My beautiful sitar Sanjay made in New Delhi in 2015

Plume couldn't resist posing with us!

Sanjay Checking a beautiful vintage Hiren Roy Sitar

Sanjay Checking a beautiful vintage Hiren Roy Sitar

Filing pegs...

Filing pegs...

The art of filing and shaping jawari.

Replacing tabla skin.

Tuning harmonium.

So much fun hanging out with Sophie and Sanjay.

Thanks for tuning up our beautiful instruments Sanjay.

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