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Maurice is an extraordinarily patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and kind instructor.  He is the first guitar teacher who has truly exceeded my high standards. His talent is evident as a guitarist, but few people are able to transfer their talents as performer into talent as a teacher. He is an inspirational teacher whose dedication is tremendous and eagerness is refreshing. I couldn’t recommend Mr. Cahen with any more positivity than I currently feel. He is a tremendous gift.”


 — N. Northern


“In the beginning Maurice taught me basic skills of playing the guitar, and introduced me to musical theory. Since then, I have learned to read music, to play jazz and classical pieces by sight, and I have begun to compose music.  He consistently assigns me tunes and teaches me skills to help me play the type of music I prefer. Maurice critiques my playing with gentle, constructive comments. I have rediscovered a creative impulse in me which I have not utilized since I was a child."   


— D. Finkelstein


“My confidence has improved tremendously. I have always appreciated the skill and artistry of Maurice. I highly recommend him!”          


 — M. Pierce


“Maurice is a disciplined and demanding teacher, but somehow he manages to keep the focus on the fun of playing.  Several times when I was afraid I would lose interest or ability, Maurice was able to refocus my efforts on the music and help me to see how much I really do love the guitar." 


— R. Russell


Maurice has been my daughter's guitar teacher for the last seven years. My daughter was 9 years old when she started playing and she is now 16. She is just as fascinated by the musical journeys that Maurice takes her on today as she was the day she started playing classical guitar.

What sets Maurice apart is his ability to inspire my daughter to stick with the practice, try new pieces and styles encompassing everything from classical, jazz to contemporary Brazilian. He also incorporates music theory into his lessons.

Maurice motivates, challenges and give just the right stretch assignment to keep every lesson fresh and inspiring.

In addition, Maurice is very flexible with his time and is a delight to meet and talk with.

I give Maurice the my warmest recommendations.

            – Magnus Ljugberg





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